Sesje z psychoterapeuta przez telefon lub Skype

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on W zwiazku z zaistniala sytuacja na calym swiecie gdzie koronawirus dyktuje nam jak mamy zyc coraz wiecej psychoterapeutow przenioslo swoje praktyki online lub telefonicznie. Pewnie sie zastanawiasz czy sesje terapeutyczne sa efektywne zarowno przez telefon czy Skype jak i twarza w twarz. Sesje terapeutyczne przez telefon, Skype czy Zoom [...]

Self-care during self-isolation at home

Photo by Free on Last few weeks have brought many challenges to our daily routines due to Coronavirus outbreak. Some of us are still able to work from home whereas others must stay at home and look after families waiting for the situation to calm down. Whatever your situation I think most us [...]

Counselling in Crewe and Northwich

- Struggling with your mental health? - Can't face day to day life? - Having issues in your relationship? - Have you experienced abuse and control in your relationship? How I can help? I can help you to understand better your struggles and to find coping strategies for your mental health so that you are [...]

Domestic abuse

Today’s blog is about having a counselling when we experience/ experienced domestic abuse. I have worked with many, many people majority of them have been women, because women are still the prevalent gender in domestic abuse crime; and every single time I get so inspired and totally wiped off my feet, because of these women’s bravery and courage to end their controlling relationship.