Domestic abuse

Today’s blog is about having a counselling when we experience/ experienced domestic abuse. I have worked with many, many people majority of them have been women, because women are still the prevalent gender in domestic abuse crime; and every single time I get so inspired and totally wiped off my feet, because of these women’s bravery and courage to end their controlling relationship.


Mindfulness to me is simply to be aware of my surroundings. I find it much easier to focus on what is happening around me when I’m doing gentle exercises like walking, swimming or jogging. When I’m exercising I listen to the sounds around me i.e. birds singing or the sun shining and I can feel the warmth on my face.


Every person feels anxious from time to time. Feelings of increased blood pressure are helpful in certain situations. For example when we have to take an exam or going for a job interview. In those situations when we feel naturally nervous are body becomes more focused and we are able to concentrate more and provide amazing answers to the questions asked.


There are different types of counselling practices around the whole world. To me counselling is a therapeutic process where you meet with a counsellor who gently guides you in your journey to self-discovery. This journey can bumpy, tearful and emotional. However, it can also be very interesting and full of lovely surprises you didn't know about yourself.